Mauricio Escamilla



A consistently unique, creative, and emotively powerful sonic career.



MSc Sound Design

The University of Edinburgh

September 2011-August 2012


BFA Kinetic Imaging (Animation, Video, and Sound)

Virginia Commonwealth University

August 2006- June 2010


Work Experience

Explosion Robinson
Sound Designer/Mixing Engineer, October 2015 - September 2016 (currently freelance/on-call)

  • Audio mixing and sound design for broadcast and web trailers, teasers, commercial spots, films, animations, 360 videos, and more.

  • Music composition, producing, and mnemonic branding

  • Worked closely within the company's creative and technical aspects alongside founder and creative director Stephen Hermann.

  • Worked directly with professional voice-over talent, directors, and producers.

  • Clients include: Google, Samsung, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Hulu, Logo, Microsoft, VH1, Webbys, and more.


Audiomedia Production

Audio Engineer/Editor, January 2015-October 2015

  • Professional recording of voice over actors for educational and fictional audiobooks

  • Clean, quick, detailed editing and processing done with varying parameters dependent on particular voice actor and educational publisher

  • Worked directly with talent in-studio

  • Worked and communicated with various Spanish speaking voice talent

  • Complete control over mastering, exporting, file labeling, organization, and FTP uploads to client

  • Direct communication with publishers, educational companies, and overall clients.

Screen Actors Guild Foundation
On Call Voice Over Audio Engineer, July 2014-Present

  • Voice recording engineer for SAG Entertainment Industry Foundation Voice Over Lab in Manhattan, NY.

  • Voice actor direction and guidance with commercial demo material, audiobook recording, auditions, and ADR

  • Completely edited and mixed recording provided to talent at end of session

  • Audio recording and editing lessons given within several DAWs (Pro Tools, Reaper, Twisted Wave, Audacity) to certain voice actors 

  • Orientation presentation given to new SAG members on proper studio practice, foundation rules, essential recording techniques, and tech talk.


Audible, Inc.
QA Audio Engineer, July 2014-January 2015

  • Audio quality assurance engineer for Audible, Inc., an, Inc. subsidiary, the leading audio provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment on the internet

  • Quick yet high attention-to-detail auditioning and quality control for a large variety of audiobook titles

  • Specific attention given to truncations, audio quality, file presence, and metadata

  • Daily correspondence with Master Engineers and audiobook providers

John Marshall Media

Freelance Audio Editor/Engineer, October 2013-May 2015

  • Audio Editor and Engineer for Grammy Award winning multimedia production company specializing in audiobooks and educational content development.

  • Quick, efficient, and high attention-to-detail audio editing while following title scripts

  • Exposure to clients and vocal talent while recording in professional studios with isolation booths, Yamaha O2R, Neumann U-87ai, Focusrite and Avalon preamplifiers.

  • Experience working in a team oriented, professional workplace with deadline sensitive material.

  • Some titles edited and engineered: The Field, The Last Enchantments, The Book of Jonah, The Wily O'Reilly, All Joy and No Fun, Cycle of Lies, Sea of Shadows, and more.


Frost Productions

Freelance Audio Engineer (A2), October 2013-April 2015

  • Audio Engineer for live special events production company

  • Worked with Audio Engineer 1 to deliver clear, professional, and effective audio for each performance and event.

  • Events ranged from The East Harlem School 2013 Benefit with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Forbes Media Women's Summit 2014, Mayer Brown LLP at The Metropolitan Club, Asset International at the New York Public Library and Nickelodeon in Grand Central Terminal.

  • Equipment experience with Yamaha M7CL, Soundcraft Si Expression, Yamaha LS9, Shure wireless and lectern mics, JBL and QSC Speakers, Line Arrays and more.


The Flaming Sword of Justice

Audio Engineer, March 2013-July 2013

  • Main audio engineer for political talk-radio broadcast station.

  • Ensured daily digital wireless connection to WeAct Radio 1480 AM DC

  • Mic'ing daily guests and host

  • Mixing of vocals, music, sound effects, and audio samples

  • Creation of original sound effects and music for on-air broadcast and promotions

  • Post-editing, EQ, clean up, and upload of audio interview for online podcast

  • Managing of web cameras for live video broadcasting, live video camera switching

  • Video editing, creation of title screens and motion graphics

  • Managing of video and audio files online on YouTube and Company website


Lodging Circuit, Edinburgh, UK.

Location recordist and audio mixer, April-June 2012

  • Interview location recording for accommodation services local business

  • Close collaboration with videographer and business owner

  • Traveled with videographer to various locations while using own equipment

  • Prompt and orderly delivery of audio files


TIC Summer Camp, Washington D.C.

Animation Counselor, May-August 2011

  • Designed entry and intermediate level curriculum for ages 7-16

  • Hand-drawn, stop motion and digital 2D/3D animation teaching

  • Worked with fellow counselors to create group projects and collaborative opportunities

  • Effectively managed camper behavior

  • Created bi-weekly 'camper reports' for parents


Sound of Music Recording Studios, Richmond Va.

Recording Intern, June-August 2010

  • Assisted recording engineer with live multi-track sessions

  • Setup and tear down of equipment for each session

  • Handling of condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones, XLR/TRS cables

  • Studio, building, and equipment maintenance and upkeep



Proficiencies and Skills


Spanish and English fluency

Oral and written


Musician and Producer

Drummer, percussionist, and live performer since the age of 13

Electronic music producer and composer


Operating systems

Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista/7


Audio Software

Avid Pro Tools 10/11, Nuendo 6/7, Apple Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live 8/9, Reaper, Sony Vegas, Sound Forge, Max/MSP, FMOD designer/sandbox, Audacity, Twisted Wave, Wave Editor


Audio Hardware

Microphones: Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon (ex. Sure SM57/58, AKG C414, Sennheiser MD

421, Sennheiser ME66, Nuemann KM 184, Neumann ui87, Schoeps CMC641, Coles 4038 etc)

Wireless: Sennheiser ew 112-p G3 Wireless Portable Microphone System, Shure ULX-S

Interfaces: Apogee Symphony/Rosetta, Motu 896/8pre/Ultralite mk3, Fireface 400/800, Sapphire Pro, Tascam FW-1884.

Portable/On-location: Sound Devices 702 and 744t, Zoom H4n

Mixers and Consoles: Toft Series ATB-O8M/ATB-16, Yamaha M7CL , Mackie 1604 vlz3, Mackie 24-8, Yamaha O2R, Yamaha LS9, Soundcraft Si Expression, AWS 900 Solid State Logic.

Speakers/Monitors/Line Arrays: Genelec, KRK, Yamaha, Dynaudio, Mackie, JBL, QSC Systems.

Cables: NL4,XLR, 1/8”, 1/4” TRS, RCA/Phono, Firewire 400/800, USB 2/3.


Visual Software

Final Cut Pro 7-10, Vegas Video, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Resolume Avenue


Video Hardware

Cameras: Panasonic VDR-D310, Canon T2i, Canon 5D Mark III

3LCD Projectors

Cables: DVI, VGA, RCA, Firewire, HDMI, Mini Display, 8-pin Mini-Din.

Tape Machines: Sony DSR-11 NTSC PAL Mini DV Player Recorder, Sony DHR-1000 MiniDV DV DVCAM Digital Video Player Recorder, Sony HVR-M15E Deck Mini DV and DvCAM tape player/recorder.



Microsoft Office


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