picture a forest filled with multi colored trees: dark purple, dark teal, and navy. it is night, yet the rich violet overcast sky is lit by the nearby planet and large bright stars.

lights illuminate the forests, small dots of light, as if millions of fireflies are floating about, yet, their lights are shades of purple, dark pink, and dark green.

you explore.


an expression of solitude

quie etes-vous

A collaboration with L.A. producer Ki Oni using a mix of multi-cultural sounds - South American wooden flute, French vocals and strings - along with our original contemporary production and drum playing.

get your lethargic booty shake on.

paradittle : live max/msp augmented drumkit performance

my dissertation from my 2013 MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh.

An experiment in live sound design using drum triggers, piezo transducers (contact mics), a drumkit, drum pads, and Max/MSP. The piece is comprised of 4 sections in which I have complete control over; switching to each by striking 2 different transducers a certain number of times. All of the sound samples emitted are completely original and recorded by me; a compilation of foley sounds, field recordings, voices, and produced electronic loops.

The main questions being asked while creating this project were:

1: How can I react to musical uncertainties? What will my improvised reactions be to randomly triggered sounds? call and response.

2: Can sound design be music and vice versa? Sound design is indeed inside music, right?

3: Can sound design create viewer stimulation in a live situation? Sound design without the traditional sense of synchronization to a visual image on a screen... yet, the sounds I am triggering are directly correlated to my physical percussive movements.

4: Let's explore this musique concrete thing as a compositional practice, first developed by Pierre Schaeffer in the early 1940s. An exploration of using 'everyday' sounds as a way to make 'music' or performance.