Mauricio Escamilla - nickname 'mauri' - artist name ' mowri '

A drummer and percussionist since the age of 10, Mauricio's love of drum set playing quickly led him to the art of audio and music production.
Studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging in which he focused on video, animation, and sound experimentation as well as a Masters of Science in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, Mauricio has enjoyed his past creative and technical experiences with sound.
Currently living in New York City, Mauricio has recorded, engineered, and edited countless voice actors, talent, and musicians through various post-production and creative audio studios; to name a few: John Marshall Media, The Screen Actors Guild Foundation EIF Voice Over Lab, Audiomedia Production, Audible, Inc, Explosion Robinson, and more.
Mowri has high levels of creativity and a sharp attention to detail.
He's had the pleasure of creating sound design and mixes for various brands such as Nickelodeon, Google, Logo, RuPaul's Drag Race, Samsung, Viacom, Hulu, IFC, and more.