SoundDesign, Music, Mixing

The Exquisite Corpse Project X

I created original sound design and music for this fantastic collaborative animation. I used hundreds of stock and original sound effects, foley recordings as well as my original music production, drum playing, and final mixing.
The Exquisite Corpse Project X is the third installment of the TECP Series Directed by Michael Waldron. 16 artists came together to create a piece that celebrated the Motion Conference's 10th Anniversary.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 Promo

Music edit, original sound design, and mix.
From the gasps and cries of the drag queens to the sounds made by the words on screen, I had a lot of fun putting together this promo for the Season 8 Drag Race.

Lifetime: Enjoy Being a Girl

Broadcast mix with sound design.
I balanced the main music with foley and location sounds in my mix to make this 'a day in the life' insight as realistic and fluid as possible.


Kanye West's 2016 Webby Award Video

I completely remixed and glitched out Kanye's album The Life of Pablo into a 53 second surge of energy. Created for the 2016 Webby's to introduce Kanye's Artist of the Year award. "Visualize the past year through tweets by Kanye himself. The glitch and distortion emulates how he's disrupted the music scene through his powerful use of the internet." I created a glitch musical piece by sampling, distorting, and looping small clips from Kanye West's album The Life of Pablo. I then played along to my digital piece, recording and editing my drum playing.
Visuals by Houses in Motion.



ESPN 'EURO Anthem'

Music edit, sound design, and broadcast mix for ESPN 'EURO Anthem'
A balance of crowd cheers, in-game impacts, and accents for motion graphics makes this epic footbal promo.